Neuro nerd 👓

Clinical Research Assistant 📝

Future Triathlete 🏊🚴🏃

Yoga Dabbler 👌

Starbucks addict 💚

Ocean lover 🌊

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Symmetry. #100happydays #day1

Later Skater #Vacationtime (at Austin, Texas)

It’s been a long 10 months but I’m back, baby. #postkneesurgery

Can’t get enough of this place #thecure #nekter #ilovejuice #preworkout

First swim of this round of Tri training. I put this together pretty quickly but I’m happy with how the workout turned out. The pool was so nice this morning as the background suggests 🏊

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Well wasn’t this a perfect song to pop up on my run tonight 🌅 (at San Elijo State Beach)

Woohoo new suit! Kicking off training on a bright (pink) note!

My big ass green smoothie won’t fit in the cup holder 😩

Sparkling water, how you so delicious and refreshing without a single gram of sugar? #betterthansoda

Good morning! (at San Elijo State Beach)