Hi! I'm Brittany.

My life in bullet point form:
-Aspiring Clinical Health Psychologist
-Psychiatry Clinical Research Assistant
-Future Triathlete
-Yoga Dabbler
-Starbucks addict
-Ocean lover

2013 Races:
-LA Color Run (February)
-Encinitas 5K (May)

All upcoming races are cancelled due to torn ACL/MCL/Meniscus. I will be having surgery on 8/20/13. I will be on crutches until late Septmeber, and i will have to wait until May 2014 to return to the wonderful world of triathlon.

Training Plan
Brain Stuff

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Woohoo new suit! Kicking off training on a bright (pink) note!

My big ass green smoothie won’t fit in the cup holder 😩

Sparkling water, how you so delicious and refreshing without a single gram of sugar? #betterthansoda

Good morning! (at San Elijo State Beach)

How sweet are my local @starbucks baristas?#happymonday (at Starbucks)

A good start to the 3 day weekend #oceantherapy (at Trestles)

Guess who got her gimpy knee to bend to 138 today!😎 It feels like not too long ago I was barely able to make it to 45 #happy #pt #progress

One last hoorah before we checkout! (at Space Needle)

Scenes from today’s beautiful hike #happynewyear #nature #walkabout #blockheadbrigade #Washington (at Mercer Slough Nature Park)

Can’t visit the Pacific Northwest without a little #nirvana and #aliceinchains (at EMP Museum)